Reasons for Waking

The Prom

Lisa Hodes

When we were growing up, our dad was in the Navy, so we moved around every few years. There were six kids in our family so it meant doubling up on bedrooms wherever we happened to live. Karen and I were the two oldest siblings and always shared a bedroom. Not too long before Karen died, we were reminiscing about our growing up years. I reminded Karen how lucky she was to share a bedroom with me because I loved to decorate and make things look “cute”! Every move was another opportunity for me to redecorate.  Her response was, “yeah, right.”  No, really!! I bought matching bedspreads and sewed curtains, and painted walls and furniture. We always had a beautiful bedroom!!  You see, while Karen was doing all of that reading and writing, I was busy learning more practical things, like how to sew and cook.  But I have to admit that she was not very impressed with my talents — until she needed me in high school!!

Karen was very involved with the school newspaper and had developed a love for journalism. She met some great people working on the newspaper and one of them was a young man who was the STAR of the high school basketball team. I mean a BIG star!!! The most popular boy in the whole school!!!  He and Karen had developed a great friendship as they worked together.  So, when it came time for the Junior Prom, Karen decided to ask him (a senior) to take her to the prom.  And he said YES!!  You talk about courage!!  Oh, my goodness! Karen was going to the Prom with the most popular boy in high school!!! No one could believe it!  Karen, who hated being the center of attention, had just made herself the talk of the entire high school!! Every girl in that school was envious!!

And here is the part where I come in: Karen needed a gown for the Prom…so I agreed to make it for her! She finally appreciated her sister’s finer talents!!

The night of the prom, she looked beautiful AND had a wonderful time. An event I’m sure she never forgot!


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