Reasons for Waking

A family mystery that shows how frayed our connections can become when we try to skirt the truth, and how facing the truth can heal us.

When reclusive Philip teams up with a determined young woman to unravel the tragedy that shattered both their lives, he’s forced to confront his estranged family. The lies – and devastating truths – he discovers expose his family secrets and compel him to face his flawed assumptions. Reasons for Waking is a tale of how secrets and silence can hide the truth that can heal us.

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[Karen] was a wonderful writer; she truly had a rare natural talent. Reasons for Waking is a really fabulous story that I hope everyone will get to read one day (You WILL cry at the end!). It shows her talent, but also her deep understanding of the intense emotions that go along with all important relationships.
Austen Wright
Karen's Book Coach